John Pawson would be proud. This is really a solid design here. What was the core exploration?

Thanks… that’s a very generous comparison. The Archit3ct is, at its core, an exploration into aesthetically and functionally elegant minimalism. Every element was thoroughly considered during the design and development phases.

Would you say, then, that there is nothing missing and also nothing unnecessary?

I would. It’s been carved down to its essential elements, and those elements each handled with care and exacting ideals.

John Pawson really WOULD be proud.

Haha… yeah, I’d like to think he might appreciate this design.

And each unit also features a wall bracket and pedestal base?

Each unit also features a steel rectangular wall bracket that permits the candle holder to easily and securely slide sideways onto it, allowing the already diminutive bracket to disappear altogether. In addition to the wall bracket, there is a 3′ tall steel pedestal base (also featuring an identical steel-meets-wood footing) onto which the candle holder securely rests, completely enveloping the top of the pedestal.

Completely enveloping the top of the pedestal how exactly?

This is able to be accomplished because the wood footing of the candle holder is not a solid rectangle but simply a frame, the removed middle section precisely matching the dimensions of the top of the pedestal.


And does the spelling elude to the 3-piece design, then?

Yes, the use of the ‘3’ in the spelling instead of the ‘e’ is meant to inject as much information in the name as possible. But in a minimal fashion.

Like the design itself?


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